Commercial Real Estate Program:

Real Estate and Economic Development Institute


“A joint focus on real estate finance and economic development is a unique approach for a business school. As the cost of projects grow, an understanding of the role and availability of incentives will determine a project’s potential. Graduates who understand this will be assets to their companies.” 
—Tony Coscia
Chairman, Amtrak and Partner,
Windels Marx



The Montclair State University Commercial Real Estate Program and future Real Estate and Economic Development (R.E.E.D) Institute have been established to provide students with the resources to succeed in the Commercial Real Estate and Real Estate Finance sectors. Located approximately 12 miles from New York City and in the heart of northern New Jersey, the University is ideally situated to expose students to industry leaders, development projects, data analysis and market trends that will shape them as the next generation of industry leaders, prepared to enter the workplace with strong analytical skills and work experience


Under the direction of Assistant Professor Joseph Nicholson, Commercial Real Estate has become one of the core programs in the Economics, Finance and Real Estate Department. The ‘core’ curriculum includes the following: Urban Economics and Market Analysis

  • Valuation and Feasibility Analysis
  • Commercial Investment, Development and Management
  • Primary Mortgage and Lending Markets
  • Commercial Property and Mortgage Portfolio Analysis
  • Real Estate Capital Markets
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS)
  • Real Estate Law
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Students will also be given the tools to help them secure the Argus Certification and Agent’s License via the New Jersey Real Estate Commission.



Bio: Anthony Palazzo


Bio: Anthony Palazzo

Anthony Palazzo

“Commercial Real Estate Development presents an opportunity for Students to obtain well paying jobs outside the confines of their chosen academic specialty.”

Anthony Palazzo, A.B., Economics,
Franklin & Marshall College

J.D., Boston University School of Law



Anthony Palazzo is a General Counsel for Eli Global, LLC a $1 billion Global Private Holding Company which acquires, owns and manages over 40 Subsidiary Companies, engaging in various business lines and operating with 4,000 people employed throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia located in the Research Triangle Park in Durham, NC. His extensive professional background includes all areas of real estate development, mergers & acquisitions, business transactions and governmental compliance in a variety of industries as well as supervision of outside counsel in domestic and international litigation.


Anthony Palazzo appointed as Clinical Specialist with The Feliciano School of Business at Montclair State University.

The Clinical Specialist appointment is a diverse position which includes teaching the advanced Real Estate Development Process for Senior Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, assisting in recruiting high level professionals to be Members of the Real Estate Board, expanding the Student Internship Program and assisting in placing graduating students with chosen industry employment opportunities. 

Anthony Palazzo has a substantial legal and business background with employment at Institutional Entities (Publicly traded Bank Holding Companies & REIT’s) and Private Ownership (Personal capital contribution with financial risk) as well as extensive Academic credentials (holding various positions from Adjunct Instructor to Adjunct Professor with New York University’s Schack Institute of Real Estate) affording him the qualifications to be an effective “Clinical Specialist” with the Feliciano School of Business, Real Estate Curriculum at Montclair State University.
— Joseph R. Nicholson, MBA, Ph.D. Assistant Professor & Coordinator, Real Estate Program Montclair State University Feliciano School of Business

New Course Anthony Palazzo will be teaching for the Spring 2017 Semester.







Course Description:

REAL 405: Real Estate Development

This course provides an understanding of the relevant market structures, institutional frameworks (e.g., tax laws, social regulations, monetary policy, etc.), and other appropriate analytical tools used to decide whether commercial real estate development opportunities are viable by providing students with an operational knowledge of developing commercial real estate. The analysis focuses on real world qualitative and quantitative commercial real estate development scenarios by emphasizing the use of computer-based programs such as Excel, Argus and ArcGIS.

This course is a high level masters program equivalent for the study of the policy and procedures utilized in the real estate development process including Market Issues & Project Feasibility, Site Selection and Acquisition, Appearing before Zoning and Planning Boards, Environmental Issues, Design, Partnership Considerations & Entities, Contract Negotiations, Due Diligence, Raising Equity & Sources of Capital, Financing and Loan Documentation, Insurance, Title Issues, Lease and Lease Abstracts, Construction and Construction Draw Requests, Reasons for Delay, Safety and Property Management.  Leadership, Management and Control of the development team are featured issues

Course Objective:
Understand the principles of Real Estate Development and empower the student to successfully participate in Real Estate Development activities moving forward to a Masters Degree Program or immediate Job Placement.